As one can see by the pictures we had a great time at Mole Lake!!  On Friday we had one group ride in from Lakewood and others trailered in.  We had 21 club members in attendance - 18 sleds.  The only break down was Snooker who broke a trailing arm bolt on Friday.  Not bad considering the number of sleds with 10000 miles on them or more!  On Saturday we split into two groups and rode north to Eagle River where we stopped at the ice castle.  Of course there are a few action shots of the trails as we rode along.  The trails were very smooth, but alittle icy in the corners.  On Sunday it warmed up into the 40's but the trails held up fine for those who had to ride back to Lakewood or just wanted to take a small ride before we loaded up. 

Based on the next few pics you can see some of us had alittle "antifreeze" in us to think it would be fun to lay in the snow and make snow angels in  our swimsuits.    However as you can tell two of those same members decided their sleds seemed like the perfect spot to take a nap the next day on their ride back to Lakewood!  

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